The idea of describing in images the collective and personal events evolved from the study, began many years before, about the origins and the roots of the Puglian culture. Thanks to this study, I realised a series of works which include Genesis and Origini which are linked to this historical voyage of man in Puglia. From this excursus through the history and traditions of Puglia, came the idea for the paintings that, from 1980 to 1989, gather together ten years of emotions, memories and in-depth visual and chromatic analysis. Each painting, measuring 50 centimetres by 70, was created at the end of each year. Each piece is based on notes and pencil or pen sketches and reflect on shared or intimate and personal events which happened during the year. Great importance is given to the space of the canvas, on which the pictorial elements are realised. The collective and individual memory questions itself and its historical memories creating perfect flashbacks and evoking memories of events, sounds, scents and emotions. This re-evocation helps the psyche of the spectator recall memories, with the aim of being part of the collective and private Story.

Nicola Vetrano