Drapes and Fans

In the collection Drapes and Fans the paintings show ephemeral and delicate colours or intense and contrasting tones. The study of the movement of drapery had always fascinated Nicola Vetrano, as they did for many of the most famous artists. Examples include the detailed drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, the majestic sculptures of Michelangelo and are also found in the elegance of the artwork of Raphael, and the original perspectives of Mantegna; and to conclude, the scenic light effects of Caravaggio and the Romanticism of the taffeta of Hayez. The fabrics, portrayed in an almost instantaneous photographic image, a human whirlwind, that seems to meet in a light and delicate dance with the everyday objects. Even the fans are creators of a vital energy, originating from the slight movements of the cloth that breathes, diffusing a “breath” of life.